Old Town/Midtown Project Area

UPDATE- On December 29, 2011, the California Supreme Court rendered its decision in the court case involving the constitutionality of legislative bill ABx1 26.  ABx1 26 is the bill signed by Governor Brown on June 29, 2011, which abolished California Redevelopment Agencies effective October 1, 2011.  The Supreme Court ultimately decided to uphold the constitutionality of ABx1 26.  In its decision, the Court modified timelines contained in ABx1 26, as the delays due to the court case made the original dates in the legislation impractical.  The impact of the Court’s decision is that the Victorville Redevelopment Agency is an entity that was dissolved, effective February 1, 2012.  On January 17, 2012, the City of Victorville elected to become the Successor Agency to the Victorville Redevelopment Agency.  With the dissolution of redevelopment, all former redevelopment project areas, including Victorville's Old Town/Midtown Project Area, have been dissolved.  Click here for more information on the dissolution of Victorville's Redevelopment Agency.  See below for information on the former Old Town/Midtown Project Area.

 Victorville Fire Museum  Downtown 7th St.
Old Town entry signage

The Old Town/Midtown Project Area was adopted in December 1998.  The area is in need of redevelopment due to business vacancies and substandard housing stock, especially in the Old Town area.  The former Old Town/Midtown Project Area has residential and commercial uses.  Despite limited funding, the Victorville Redevelopment Agency started its redevelopment efforts in the area by purchasing property in the Project Area.  The properties purchased have been demolished and will become future sites for new development. 

The goal of the RDA was to develop the Old Town area to a mixed-use downtown hub with specialty restaurants and retail, as well as increasing densities to support such development.  Another goal was to mitigate pass-through traffic to allow for walkability throughout the area for a pedestrian friendly downtown.  Victorville Redevelopment Agency envisioned Old Town to become a meeting and destination place for the entire Victor Valley and a location for community events and regional festivals. 

Old Town/Midtown Project Area Facts


515 Acres


December 15, 1998

Percentage Developed


Plan Expiration

December 15, 2028





Old Town/Midtown Project Area Map (PDF - 192kb)





Major Projects

Old Town Strategic Action Plan
The Old Town Strategic Action Plan was created as a blueprint to redevelop the Old Town area.  The vision for Old Town in the Strategic Action Plan is for a mixed use component throughout the area with specialty retail shops and restaurants.  Infill residential housing such as single family detached housing and townhomes will increase densities in the area to support the additional retail.  Catalytic sites were identified that exemplify the most strategic planning because of their location and potential to spur additional development and investment.  These sites were targeted when the RDA began purchasing property.  The Strategic Action was used in conjunction with the Old Town Specific Plan to maximize development in the Project Area.    

Old Town/Midtown Specific Plan Revision
The Old Town/Midtown Specific Plan was in the process of revision by the RDA to be consistent with the vision presented in the Strategic Action Plan.  Sections of the Specific Plan such as the vision plan, land use designations, traffic circulation and design standards in the project area were reviewed for a new Specific Plan.  The Victorville RDA also was revising the plan to preserve and maintain the Route 66 theme and heritage of Old Town. 

Land Purchasing and Demolition
Following the vision laid out by the Old Town Strategic Plan, the Victorville RDA purchased property in the Old Town area.  The RDA purchased properties that were considered catalytic sites in the Strategic Action Plan.  The properties were subsequentially demolished to allow for redevelopment. 

8th St. property during demolition 8th St. property after demolition


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