Filming at SCLA

Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) has long been an ideal location for filming everything from small independent productions to major hollywood blockbusters.  Location scouts are drawn to SCLA for its convenient access to airport facilities and former military hangars as well the ability to film on the 2nd longest runway in the U.S.  SCLA has been featured in major motion pictures such as The Hulk and Face-Off.  Many national commericals have also been shot on location at SCLA, utilizing our expansive topography and access to large portions of asphalt and concrete.   Whether you are looking for hangar space for a large shot sequence, former military facilities, runway access or a remote desert background, SCLA can accomodate your needs.

The First Step
For questions regarding filming at SCLA call (760) 243-1900 or If you are interested in filming at SCLA complete our Film Permit Application (PDF - 95kb)  .

Filming Resources
Photo Gallery - Click through various sites available for filming at SCLA
Vendors for Filming - A list of local vendors that can accomodate your production company's needs on the day of the shoot
Filming Resume - A partial list of the movies that have been shot on-site at SCLA